Year of the Rabbit

Illustration of a rabbit on a gold circle surrounded by pink snapdragon flowers

Illustration for the 2023 Chinese New Year. 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, here surrounded by snapdragons, a floral symbol associated with this zodiac sign.

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Marsh Frog

Watercolor and ink illustration of a frog in a marsh habitat with water lilies, arrowhead plant, and reeds.

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Going Green

For the Spring 2022 issue, Edible Reno-Tahoe approached me about creating an illustration that encompassed ideas around sustainability in agriculture, eating, and fine dining. I created a cover illustration and half page interior using these elements.

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Native Roots Farm

Watercolor and ink illustration of a goat, chicken, flowers, and farm produce

Native Roots Farm, a small, organic, family-run farm in Northwest Indiana, approached me about creating a branding illustration for them to use at farmers markets and on their soap labels. They wanted to feature Tilly, their favorite goat, along with some of the beautiful flowers they grow at the farm.

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Wheel of Fortune

The first in a series of reinterpretations of the Major Arcana tarot cards through the lens of nature and nature symbols. This one is based on the Wheel of Fortune card. My interpretation includes the seasons and natural cycles, as well as the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water).

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Trash Talk

Full page and spot illustrations for the spring 2021 issue of Edible Reno-Tahoe for an article on the impact of the increase in plastic usage/takeout dining during the Coronavirus.

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Opossum and Oak Leaves

Watercolor and ink illustration of a Virginia opossum with oak leaves

Watercolor and ink illustration of a Virginia opossum, one of our most adaptable, and misunderstood, urban critters. But consider that these little furballs eat thousands of ticks and are virtually immune to rabies! I love these little critters and their expressive faces.

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Year of the Tiger

In the Chinese zodiac, 2022 is the year of the tiger (so was my birth year). I made this illustration to celebrate.

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