International Raven and Crow Day

April 27 is International Raven and Crow Day. There is so much rich myth and folklore from all over the world about these birds, members of the family Corvidae. Who knew? Candace Savage’s brilliant book Bird Brains explores some of the current science on these clever birds; it’s a fascinating read if you’d like to learn more about the amazing abilities of crows and ravens to plan ahead, problem solve, and recognize individual human faces. Can you tell a crow and a raven apart? Ravens are bigger, more robust birds and have a thicker beak with longer bristles. Their calls also differ, with crows making the familar “caw” sound and ravens emitting more of a low croak (though both birds are capable of a wide range of vocalizations.) You can read some more info about both species here on the Audubon website.

I have included ravens in several recent illustrations, including as the main figure in a reinterpretation of the Wheel of Fortune tarot card.