Rethinking Social Media

It’s been rough out there on social media lately. Those of us who aren’t adept at video are seeing our visibility and reach plummet. Many artists are very dismayed at what used to be a visual medium essentially giving us the boot. I, like many others, have started to focus on a well-curated monthly newsletter, and there are lots of folks scratching their head about a better way to construct social media for artists. Enter PencilBooth. Dreamed up by a creative agency, PencilBooth is a micro-newsletter. You can subscribe to exactly the folks you want to see and receive a weekly visual share of no more than four images. As an artist, your images then become part of an archive/feed at PencilBooth where people can discover your work (and subscribe). I love this idea, and signed up immediately for their beta phase. If you’d like to give my new PencilBooth account a follow, sign up HERE.