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Pollinators Coloring Book


24-page all-ages coloring book featuring 21 North American pollinator species. Beautiful images of birds, butterflies, moths, and beetles along with the native plants they live on.

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The Pollinators Coloring Book

There are literally thousands of pollinators in our backyards, but many people only know about monarch butterflies and honeybees. This 24-page coloring book was created to help spread knowledge about some of the other important insects and birds that play a role in keeping our planet healthy and contributing to our food systems in a fun, beautiful way. While a dozen or so coloring pages can’t possibly represent the incredible diversity of the insect world, it can provide a window into the lives of these fascinating creatures, give a few tips on how to help them, and spark curiosity for readers to learn more.

For nature lovers of all ages!

Species included:

Monarch Butterfly and Milkweed
Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly, Borage, and Cosmos
Red Admiral Butterfly and Purple Coneflower
Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly and Wild Indigo
Clearwing Hummingbird Moth and Bee Balm
White Slant-line Moth and Mayapple
White-lined Sphinx Moth and Larkspur
Yucca Moth and Soapweed Yucca
Ornate Checkered Beetle and Dogwood
Flower Longhorn Beetle and Goldenrod
Red Milkweed Beetle and Milkweed
Margined Leatherwing Beetle and False Sunflower
Eight-spotted Tumbling Flower Beetle and Queen Anne’s Lace
Orchard Oriole and Coral Tree
Scarlet Honeycreeper and Bellflower
Ruby-throated Hummingbird and Cardinal Flower
Two-spotted Bumble Bee and Columbine
Rusty Patched Bumble Bee and Wild Lupine
Geranium Mining Bee and Wild Geranium
Eastern Bumble Bee and Dandelion
Sweat Bee and Orange Jewelweed

Printed on FSC Certified Paper


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